Top 5 Hidden Marketing Ideas For School Admission That Worked For Us

Top 5 Hidden Marketing Ideas For School Admission That Worked For Us

Sharing our secret marketing ideas for school admission for free that helped our clients increase their enrolment with no time.

“Ideas without action are worthless.” – Harvey Mackay

Well providing excellent quality education is not only required to take your school from zero to one but it also required a lot of marketing efforts.

You are here which means you are facing marketing problems at your institute. If that is the case, you’re at the right place. We’ll share the top 5 marketing ideas for school admission that worked for our partner schools.

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How To Plan Killer Campaign For Your School?

Before starting with our marketing ideas for school admission, let us deep dive in planning. Want to know the secret? Here’s the secret all big marketers use to plan campaigns for schools.

Some brilliant school marketing ideas we know have come because we identified the marketing problem first.

The success of a school depends on its planning roots. If it is great enough and well planned, more chances are it will succeed. Ask questions and ask many as you can so that no one asks questions after the campaign.

Marketing is all about ‘Making A Change’.

You can do it by identifying whom you want to change and earning enrolment on the way to that change.

Let’s Transform How You Can Describe Those You’re Changing. When starting, always have answers to these questions.

  • Where are your students?
  • What will they benefit from learning?
  • What will they tell others?

Here Are Our Top School Admission Marketing Ideas

Top 5 Marketing Ideas For School Admission That Worked For Us

Developing A Strong Word Of Mouth

This is the best marketing effort you can do toward successful marketing. It drives free enrolments and works effortlessly. Reference is the first focus point of admissions, therefore we cannot afford to skip it.

Developing a strong word of mouth gives you zero-cost advertising, but takes full effort and time.

How Did We Achieve Word Of Mouth For Our School Partner?

We started doing all the activities that directly impacted parents and in return, parents started noticing our efforts in their child’s education. This automatically started developing a good word of mouth for the school.

Want to know more strategies for developing a good word of mouth? You can contact us to know more.

Having Some Unskippable Offers

Do Offers Really Work?

Umm…Yes, they do! But only when your offer is supported by some strong reasons. These are a good way to close the deal when the prospect is already in the funnel.

What Offers Worked Brilliantly For Us?

Well, we suggested many offers to our client. Many worked pretty well. Out of all those, there are three offers that worked the best.

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao As the name suggests, we offered some discounts on girl child’s monthly as well as admission fees. It helped us get good word of mouth in the area which increased the overall queries.
  • Sibling Discount This also worked pretty well. We believe in family, and in support of this belief, we offered a sibling discount to families who have two or more siblings enrolled concurrently at the school.
  • Cashback For Existing Parents & Students We asked existing students to post a review on their social media and we gave them some gifts. We also had a referral program for them when they got some admission. This helped us get some cheap leads and admissions.

Fast Enrolment Process

You already know that a mix of offline and online advertisements can do wonders. If planned and executed well, it can generate leads at a crazy level. Once the prospect is in your funnel, it is very important to close it quickly, or else you may lose it. For that, you need to make a smooth flow of the process to ensure that you don’t lose any lead in the process.

What we did do?

We planned the whole process in the shortest way possible so that parents would do the needful effortlessly. We tried to make the experience rich and seamless which made them happy and the school was able to achieve increased conversion rates.

Social Proof

Social proof is the proof given by customers. Therefore it makes your School more trustworthy than ever. Social proof is far more important than anything and we highly recommend using it.

What we did do?

We tried to utilize them as much as we could. It helped us gain some extra mile trust in the brand as it helped them connect with the story. Testimonials we used:

  • Alumni Testimonials
  • Existing Student Testimonials
  • Parents Testimonials
  • Teacher Testimonials

Improving The TEAM

  • 3x increase in queries and lead generation
  • 22% increase in overall enrolments.
  • Significant increase in Word Of Mouth
  • Significant increase in the Brand’s Social Presence on various platforms

These were some of the best school admission marketing ideas. We hope these strategies will help you in marketing a private school and skyrocket the enrolments to the fullest.

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